Manchiee De Coco
Manchiee De Coco products are a sole proprietorship company. It was formed 2012 for the purpose of manufacturing and exportation of virgin coconut oil and coconut related products. The major export products of Manchiee De coco products are extra virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil, Creamed Coconut, Coconut Butter, Coconut Flour, Coconut milk and Coconut Snacks.

Operations from raw material reception to end product making are done at the factory premises under the direct supervision of the supervisors . Modern technology is used for the production of these products and the manufacturing process is thoroughly monitored at each step.

On matter of principle, Manchiee De coco do not employ minors and do not discriminate on gender, ethnicity or religion since its humble origins in rural Sri Lanka. The organization has firmly committed for the uplifting of the living standards of the neighboring people at Giriulla and Mirigama.

Manchiee De coco actively engages in a wide range of corporate social responsibility projects.

Our effort is to become the leading manufacturer and the exporter of high quality organic virgin coconut oil, Creamed Coconut, Coconut Butter, Coconut Flour, Coconut milk and Coconut Snacks to the Sri Lankan market and the export market including EU, USA, Australia, New Zealand and the Middleast countries.

The company is committed to develop the skills of personal and for the provision of other resources needed to operate the food safety effectively and efficiency.

Manchiee De coco ensures to comply with the legal requirements related to the products as per the local authorities and international quality and safety standards to ensure their safety and quality.

OUR VISION To be the number one quality virgin coconut oil, creamed coconut and coconut flour manufacturer.

OUR MISSION To provide quality, safety, reliability and excellence at the end of every transaction.